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Anyone like  rp LeoxApril with me?  Id  like to be April
They start   to   fall for each other,  both hide   it  because they don't want to hurt Donnie. Soon they cant help  it and  start to date but no one  knows  about it.
Note me  =)
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A Beautiful Dream
I know it’s early, but I wanted to write something special for you all. A little early Christmas present to my followers and friends.
Rated K, Fluff, Apritello, set in the future on some dreamy Christmas Eve night.
The box is all wrong. 
He can see that now, standing shin-deep in billowing snow just outside the back door of her apartment. It shouldn’t have been purple, the paper. He should turn around, run back home and rewrap the thing before she answers the door. Before he makes a complete and utter fool of himself. 
“Stupid to even come here,” he huffs under his breath. “Should’ve called her first.”
His lips purse as he deliberates and finally decides to bolt. But his feet are planted firmly and the only part of him moving are his knees as they knock together and not from the icy chill.
The door swings open and the world is awash in light and warmth as her figure fills the space and her smile graces h
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April sat quietly in Donnie's lab. Leo stood in the doorway. April got up, and ran to Leo. He opened his arms to embrace her. "I can't believe he's gone!" She sobbed into Leo's chest. Leo's eyes watered with pain. "That stupid rhino! I wish we knew.." Leo said with a weary voice.
  April looked around the lab. A blanket covered the spot where Donnie was found. There were pieces of his shell and blood stains on the blanket. She noticed Leo looking at the blanket too. They walked over to it. April braced herself, and slowly picked up the blanket. Under it was some more shell fragments, and a dried puddle of blood. She looked away.
Leo squinted as he looked. "April..." He said. "Since when is there plastic, wires and bolts in the blood?" He questioned, walking closer to the dried puddle. April looked as well. "Leo..I don't think that's blood. These pieces of shell. They are made of plastic!" She pointed out. Picking it up. Her eyes spotted a light flashing on the wall. "Leo! Look!" She pointed.
  They scrambled to the wall where the light flashed. Below it was a lever. Leo pulled it down. The wall shifted and steam like smoke came from under it. The wall was a secret passage. "Donnie was busy." Leo told April as he took her hand, and walked in the wall passage.
   A hallway lead them to another room. "What Is this place?" Leo asked. "I don't know, I've never seen this part of the lab...ever." She answered. They noticed a wall of glass panels towards the back of the room. In one of them was a familiar shaped figure. They cautiously walked over to it. Leo squinted once more. "Is that..." April hit another button on the wall next her. The glass shifted and the figure fell forward into Leo's arms. "Donnie!" They both screamed. Leo laid him on the floor. "Oh my goodness Leo!" She rushed to help. Donnie had a mask on and wires all attached to his body. His body felt like it was frozen, and the wires were attached to a computer with a countdown on it. "He set this all up!" Leo yelled. "He knew that something was coming to try to hurt him!"
   April went to look at the machines, and computers attached to Donnie. "He was going to be this way for a year!" She told Leo. "What!" He looked at April. "Are we able to remove him?" Leo asked. "There's a note on his lap top.
Dear family,
I have put myself in this stasis chamber to keep you all safe. Shredder plans to kill me. Make him believe he's succeeded. I have put a droid bot together over the last year testing it on you to make sure it will pass as me. I made it to look and sound as real as possible. If you have found me sooner than the year mark there is a program that will take me out of stasis, April will know the password. We have to make my death look as real as possible. I love you all.
  April looked at the computers once more. She knew exactly what password he meant. Quickly she put it into the computer. The program began working. Soon the stasis was done. Leo removed the mask. "April... He isn't breathing!" Leo told her.
  Quickly she put her mouth over his and blew air into him. Next she began chest compressions. Donnie gave a moan when she went to do mouth to mouth again. He started to move a bit. April laid her head to his chest. His heart was beating and he was breathing on his own.
  Leo had his Katanas drawn..."shh! I hear someone..." April found Donnie's bow staff, and made herself ready. Splinter came through the door. "Leonardo, April, and Donatello! What is going on here? The rat said, as he looked in amazement. "Master, it's Donnie! He's been hidden in here!" Leo stated. Donnie began to look around. He saw April, and held her. He then slowly got to his feet. "Donatello", Splinter greeted his son. "I figured it out before the droid was destroyed. I knew you had to make them believe you were dead, but I didn't know you had done all of this." Splinter said looking around him. "You really are a genius, my son." The rat man claimed, putting his arm around his son. "We mustn't lead on to the Foot that I'm alive!" Donnie said still short of breath. He looked at the computer. "I need to stay here until the program has ran completely shut down. After that I can remove the wires. April can stay with me until then please close this room back up as you go. Say nothing. Please our lives depend on it!" Donnie said holding Leo's shoulders. Splinter and Leo left the room closing the passages as Donnie told them.
   April looked at the computer and where the program was. Then she walked around the new room. "Donnie, how long did this take you to build?" She asked him. "I have been using spy roaches to watch Shredder, and various Foot members. I knew about for more than a year. It's been their main priority for a few months. They actually tried to kill me with poison several times. Each attempt has gotten closer to the mark. At first it was just an annoyance. Then in the past month I notice how close each attempt was getting. Many times I just let my droid bot go on missions." He explained.
   The computer sounded. "I can take some of the life support tubes now." He stated. April brought him the first aid kit. He began pulling the IV tubes from his arms and neck. April applied pressure to them stopping any bleeding then placed gauze pads and bandages. He worked slowly through the pain. The computer then sounded again. "Time to take off wires." He stated. April brought a bottle of rubbing alcohol and cotton balls to help unstick the wired pads. They covered Donnie's body.
    April could feel his body temperature change. "Donnie is everything okay!?" She asked laying a hand on his neck. "I'm fine. Its just the last part of the stasis." His body began to shiver. "April. I need to have that huge lamp turned on and I need to lay under it." He pointed towards a huge metal lamp over what looked to be a stone slab on the floor.
  Donnie tucked into his shell once on the stone table. April turned on the huge lamp. After about 10 minutes he popped out of his shell. He opened his eyes to see her staring at him. "Its a reptile thing. My blood needed to be warmed quickly. I made it for us in case of emergencies." He explained. "I gathered that Don, I just haven't.." Her words drifted off. "It's ok I said it's for emergency use." He said sitting himself up. He reached up and turned the off the lamp.
  April sat down next to Donnie. She rested her head against his shoulder. "I thought we lost you." She stated quietly. His hand reached out and took hold of hers. "I never wanted you to hurt. I debated with myself whether to let you know what I was doing. I finally felt you needed to be real so that my death would be seen as real as possible. I'm so sorry, my love." He told her squeezing her hand in his. He turned his head to face her. Moving his hand around her body. Looking in her eyes he wiped her tears from her face with his thumb. She leaned up, and kissed him. Her lips trembled as she cried. It brought tears to Donnie's eyes. He put both arms around her, holding her close to his chest.
  The door to the new room opened once again. Leo entered with Splinter, Raph, and Mikey. The two other brothers ran towards Don, they cried and hugged him. Leo closed the door behind them knowing that room had higher security than the rest of the lair.
"We have to keep this room, and Donnie's survival a secret!" Leo announced. "The safety of all the people in this building rides on this!. We need a plan." He stated. "Leo," Donnie spoke from by the computer system, "I already have one started. April's password has not only freed me, but started a system of security protocols that I have added to the lair." He told them while punching in more information to the computer. "My spy roaches not only did visual monitoring but I used them to map out the computers, and hideouts that Shredder's team have been using." He did some more typing. "I have complete power over anything electronic in the foot clan, as well as several parts of the city."
  Donnie pushed a switch the wall behind him rotated, leading to another room. "Everyone meet Turtletech." He pointed with a smile. As they walked into the new room their jaws dropped. One wall had monitors with labels. They could see, and hear several of the foot clan. "Then the piece de la resistance!" Donnie pointed. A monitor that showed the Shredder! "I have the camera hidden in his helmet!" Donatello stated with an evil grin. "That's what you get! For trying to kill me! You Dirty Bastard!" The room gasped at Donnie's words. He was soon forgiven concerning the situation. Raph pat Don on his back. "Hey! That's usually my line!"He said, smiling at his brother. "Watch this," Donnie motioned. He flipped a switch. A computer lowered into the room with a chair attached.
  Donnie sat into the chair. He then put on a set of gloves. A holographic keyboard glowed in front of the screen. Donnie sat into the chair. "Look at the top left monitor." He stated as the computer and chair swiveled. A camera traveled close behind a foot bot. Donnie punched his hand. The foot bot  exploded! "What the shell was that!?" Raph and Leo jumped.  Again Donnie had an evil smile on his face. "Micro bots. Smaller than an insect completely undetectable. I used Kraang cloaking tech to build them. They have the capabilities to dismantle anything electronic. I won't even tell you what it can do to a living organism." Donnie's face was wild with the explanation of a years worth of planning. He sat back in the computer chair contraption with a smile. "You don't try to kill a genius." He stated with a gleam in his eyes. He punched a glove once more. This time in Stockman's lab. The explosions destroyed his desk, and some chemicals on the counter.. "The best looks like little Stocky was careless with his things...poor baby." Donnie began laughing with a maniacal laugh that made the others in the room a bit uneasy.
  Through one of the other monitors they watched the aftermath of what the explosion in Stockman's lab had caused. Alarms blew, lights flashed, Stockman, Xever, and Bradford ran into the room. They found destruction and fires. Shredder came in looking at the mess as well. Surveying the damage he looked at Stockman. "You idiot!" Shredder's voice boomed at the flyman. "You can't keep your chemicals stable!" Shredder walked over to the puny bug and backhanded him sending him against the wall. More chemicals fell causing another burst of flames.
   "Holy crap!" Raph proclaimed. Looking back at Donatello. "I thought I was the dangerous turtle..." Splinter, was still watching the scenes on the monitor. "These weapons are very good, but remember that you are still ninjas and we need to keep our honor as well." The wise rat spoke. "Hai Sensei!" Donnie said respectively. Donatello turned in the chair.
Typing on the holographic keyboard once more. "What are you doing now D?" Mikey's voice asked. "Look at the monitor to the lower left." Donnie pointed. "What camera is this from?" April asked. "Is this the view through the eyes of a foot bot?" Donnie nodded with a grin. Several images flashed to different scenes. "I'm in their matrix. I can look through any of the foot bots." He moved his hands more. "I can also make them move." The monitor showed the bot's arms moving. "Holy shit! Donnie!" Leo proclaimed. Drawing everyone's attention. Leo just stood there with big eyes, and jaw hanging wide open.
   "We need to get a plan together for this battle to be won." Donnie said hitting another switch. Five more computers with chairs came from the wall. Similar to the one Donnie used. We will work through the matrix I've set up. "The computers are set up to work similarly to a video game. I have them routed through several loops making the signal stealth. If the Foot decide to snoop, and see where, what, or who I have a massive self destruct sequence. The micro bots will also self destruct causing the Foots forces without a leg to stand on." Donnie had a smile from ear to ear. Donnie stared back at his computer system. The others sat down in their chairs as well. "It's time to show them not to ever mess with us again!" Donatello proclaimed.

Donatello sat up most of the night in his secret room monitoring the foot clan's movements. His family continued the façade that he was no longer alive. Using cameras, and micro bots he watched his enemy. Talking and calculating plans in his head, he looked up at the sounds of someone entering his room. "Donnie?" April's voice rang into the room. "Over here," he echoed back. "I've just caused Tiger claw to have a minor accident with his weapons." He told her as he watched the drama unfolding on the middle screen. "He accidentally shot his weapon in the chemical plant ran by Hun." Donnie began to laugh at the two arguing with eachother, to the point where they were beginning to throw blows. "Watch, April." He glanced at her for a brief moment.
   The monitor witnessed the fight from what looked to be the one of the security cameras in the factory. April was still astonished at the set up, and what Donnie had accomplished in a year. She glanced back up at the two members of the foot clan bickering. A loud boom swept the scene behind them. Shredder entered behind the two. He surveyed the two fighting, and the places where the gun had fired. "There had better be a good excuse for this!" Shredder's voice echoed through the factory from other monitors. Tiger claw, and Hun turned to see their angry leader. They apologized profusely for the accident. Shredder became, more angry. Throwing two daggers within inches of both of them. April gasped. Donnie, doubled over in wild laughter. He switched to the monitor to the foot bot that followed after Shredder.
   "Shredhead looks you're going to start having some bad days." Donnie claimed in his laughter. "Donnie," April spoke. He  didn't answer. "Don.."she called again walking towards him. Finally putting her hand on his shoulder, "Donatello!" She shook him, causing him to snap his eyes to her face, "What!" He almost yelled. She drew back her hand, and took a step back.. She noticed that he was looking at her in a way she'd never seen before. He straightened out his face seeing her reaction to him. Was she afraid of me just then..."April!" He stretched his hand to her, as she flinched a bit. "My love!" I didn't mean to.." He called watching her turn away, and leave. Oh man! What have I done!
   He jumped from his seat, and met her before she got to the door. "April, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you!" He held her hands, and was now on his knees infront of her body. He could see, she was shaking with emotions, and on the verge of tears. "April.." He pressed his forehead to her hands. "I really am sorry." He whimpered. "Please, my love. Please..forgive me..please." His words trailed off. His hands fell from hers. He began to sob on the floor.
    April couldn't believe the scene before her. "Donnie," she rested her hand on the crying turtle's shoulder. She was still unnerved by the way he looked before. There was something about him in that moment that frightened her. Almost like the sweet soul that was before her, now was gone. That machine he made, and his eyes, when he looked at me! Now he's balling on the floor, and I want to hold him....
    She straighten her shoulders. "Donatello Hamato!" She spoke firmly. "Get your ass off this floor!" He looked at her in shock. She never used his full name. He stood before her, almost like a child. It was her turn to open the can of crazy on him. Her eyes scanned over him, as he stood up. She placed her finger to the middle of his chest. "I understand you are angry that someone almost took your life! I'm amazed that your brilliant mind has saved you from death! That you have infiltrated Shredder's forces, and things are now in the control of your hands, but if you ever talk to me, or look at me with the way you recently did! I will put your ass back in that stasis chamber, and you will never see my face again!" Donnie's back hit the wall behind him, as he backed up under the pressure of April's finger. "Donatello Hamato!" April's face was now streaked with tears. "I love you too much to watch bitterness, and revenge eat your beautiful soul! Revenge always digs two graves! I will not be digging your grave a second time! Do you understand!" Donnie, looked at her face. He slowly approached her shaking body, wrapping his arms around her. When her face touched his chest the dam burst. They both stood there crying in eachother's arms, and sinking to the floor. After a moment Donnie took April's face in his hands and wiped away her tears. "April...I'm sorry,  He said lowering his lips to kiss her.
    The door to the room opened, and Leo walked in realizing that he walking in during a sensitive moment his face grew a pink hue. "Um, Don, we have a problem..." His eyes were on one of the foot bot monitors. "There are foot near one of the." Just as Leo was mentioning it the lair alarms sounded. Leo ran down the hall, as Donnie, and April ran to a Turtletech computer. They could see Leo attacking the foot bots. Donatello worked on the self destructs that were imbedded in the foot bot's matrix. Soon all of the bots lay destroyed. Donnie made their destruction look like a malfunction, by causing a few in the factory to explode, as well as a few in Shredder's lair. One was near Fish face and Razzar.
   They watched as Shredder jumped at the explosions. " What the Hell was that! He looked at his two minions. Dumbfounded they couldn't give an answer. It made Shredder even more angry. He sent darts flying into the three remaining bots in the room. Donnie, and April watched on the monitor labeled, "helmet". Donnie left his computer, walked over to April, and embraced her again. "April, I need you by my side." His huge arms engulfed her like a shelter. "I watched how that rhino destroyed what he thought was me, all I could think of, if this was happening to someone I loved." He held her tighter. "I have to eliminate the threat to my family!"
  Leo appeared once again in the door of the Turtletech room. He cleared his throat. He stood glaring at Donnie, who gave April one last squeeze before releasing her. They both blushed a hue of pink, as Leo walk by them grinning. Leo glanced up at the monitors. "That was close!" He said, looking at what was happening on the screens. Donnie explained to Leo how the self destructs were made to look like a malfunction. "I also made a few things blow up in Shredder's dojo, so it looked like an electronic failure." Donnie pointed his fingers together with a grin. "Stockman has been getting ragged at by Razzar, for about twenty minutes now!" Donnie's eyes looked again at    Stockman's lab monitors. "Everytime he touches anything that is electronic the mic robots self destruct!" Donnie, once again began to laugh. Leo looked up, seeing the flyman flinching at his pencil sharpener. All three watched Stockman scream and dive under his desk as the phone rang. This caused all three viewing the monitor, to double over in laughter. "Donnie!" Leo could barely get his words through his laughing, "You're a genius!" They watched Stockman trying to answer the phone with a broom handle. "Oh man.." He squeaked. Knocking the phone to the ground. "Boom!" The phone was gone.
   Leo finally regained his composer, Donnie took him to one of the Turtletech computers. "My plan is to disable, distract, and destroy." Donnie told him. "We'll work with the weaker threats first. They can be used as pawns to destroy the king." Donnie showed Leo a plan flo chart on the computer. We will talk more on strategy tonight. Both brothers embraced before Leo left.
     Once Leo had left. Donnie began to calculate his plan. April watched several monitors, listening into conversations, and then she walked over to where Donnie stood. She quietly watched him at a table. He had a scale model of Shredder's lair, and dojo. He pushed pieces around it taking notes. Soon Donnie felt April's head resting on his shoulder as he worked. She was thankful that she still had him to lean on. She also had made up her mind
That loosing him again was not an option. She wrapped her arm, around his arm, and held him tight. He paused his work for a moment to kiss her. He know things would be ok.

April woke up to four sets of eyes looking down at her. Her head was throbbing, and it felt like everything in her body was bruised. She tried to speak, and the tallest of the brothers spoke, "April you're ok, you've just been in a bad fall. Don't try to move. You might rip some of your stitches. Don't worry...we'll take care of you." He smiled, placing a kiss to her forehead. Soon everything was dark again as the voices became echoes. Her eyes closed again.
   Donatello paced the floor. He was upset. "How the shell did this happen!" He yelled at the other brothers. "I had you all on the monitors!" His voice sounded again. "Don't just stand there with your thumbs up your asses! I asked you all...what happened?" The brothers were shocked at Donatello's behavior. Leo stepped forward to try to calm him down. "Don," Leo crooned. "We had no idea she was even there!" His face winced with the pain of remembering what had happened. "I just remember turning to the others, and noticed she was there, just as an explosion rang into my ears. We are lucky Mikey's chuck caught her in time!" They like looked at Mikey. He was next to April's face, with tear filled eyes. "I couldn't grab her hand fast enough, Don." He cried. "I had to use my nun chucks. If I didn't she would have.." Mikey's eyes were full of tears. He buried his face into his forearm. "She was there to help take out the Shredder! After what they tried to do to you, Don...she has made it her vendetta." Raph's  voice boomed through the he secret room. "You think you're pissed... She has taken it a notch further."
   Raph looked at Leo, and Mikey. Both knew that Raph spilled the beans. "What vendetta!" Donnie yelled. "Tell me what's going on, right now!" His hand hit the desk. "Dude! She's so angry that they tried to kill you...she has already done things that I would never think her capable of." Mikey stated, like looking at Raph. "Several of Shredders people have been hospitalized." Leo remarked. She's quiet...she comes out of nowhere, and strikes. First it was Stockman...stabbed several times in the back. Next Xevier, I never saw so much blood. Razzar was the worst! She got him by his throat! He dangled for hours from that building...she literally cut him down....letting him fall...from a skyscraper!" Donnie couldn't believe what he was hearing. "I've been watching my surveillance!" He paced again scratching his head. "When did she do all this?"
   He walked over to his monitors. Using one to check footage. It took a moment to find what he was looking for. He saw Razzar hanging. Then out of the corner of the screen a metal fan flew in and cut his rope. The monitor caught a streak of blood against the wall were the double mutated dog hung. Donnie hadn't notice because it was all almost off screen. Same with the other incidents. She had somehow destroyed or moved the temporarily. Donnie scanned through the footage before her fall. He saw where the Brothers were. Then their footage stopped. Soon after another camera caught the explosion, but it was from behind the building. Donnie was flabbergasted. He could see what she had planned for Shredder on another camera's footage. "Holy shit!" All the brothers gasped. "Dude! What ever you do....don't piss off April!" Mikey's voice spoke about her last attempt, before her accident. "I think she was trying to get us out of there.." Leo pointed out. "Look! Part of her plan worked! That old building, fell right on Shred head!" Raph replied. They looked at the newest footage. "The pig, and the rhino are still working on the pile of rubble!" Leo shouted. "If she wasn't so hurt I would kiss her!" All eyes snapped to Leo's statement. Donnie cleared his throat. Leos cheeks grew red.
   Suddenly they heard several explosions. One was right above them causing dust to fall through the cracks in the ceiling. "What the Shell!" Donnie shouted. "She blew up Shredder's lair and his footbots!" The monitors flickered with the explosions being at such a close proximity. Donnie ran to the computer. "She locked me out!" He yelled at the keyboard. He could still see her program running. "It looks like she revamped my whole system. All the foot have timers, and they are set to explode if in the area of a certain targets!" Donnie noted. All four brothers watched the monitors. Stockman's lab exploded next. Then all of the Foot's garage. Finally the chemical plant that made the mind control serum. They just stood there watching the buildings burn to the ground. Donnie sat down next to April as he watched. His eyes filled with tears knowing the lengths she went through for his honor. He put his lips to her forehead. "I love you so much, my sweet chinchilla." He whispered.
  Mikey sat keeping vigil by April all night. He didn't want her to wake up with out him seeing her. He felt completely beside himself for the condition she was in. He blamed himself for not catching her as she fell from the blast. Mikey had used the chain part of his nun chucks to stabilize her from falling further. The chain had tightened around her neck, causing damage to her neck and vocal cords. Rendering her speechless. Donnie told the others that it would take weeks for her to speak again. Everyone commended Mikey for his quick thinking. Telling him he saved her life. Mikey just sighed, and sat with her, resting his head on her hand.
   The clock glowed 2:00 am. Mikey was asleep. April lifted her hand, and stroked Mikey's forehead. He opened his eyes. "April.." He whispered. "I...I hand to catch you with my chucks babe. I'm sorry they caught you.." He reached his hand to her neck. Tears filled his eyes and he touched the various bruises along her throat and collar bone. Donnie had put bandages on the areas of broken skin. "Everyone told me I saved your life...when the chain snapped." He let out a soft whimper, closing his eyes. She touched his cheek, pulling his face closer to hers. She leaned up. "Thank you, my Angel Eyes.." She whispered. She then pressed her lips to his. For a moment, Mikey's worries flew away with her kiss. Then from the corner of the lab he heard Donnie clear his throat, giving his little brother a glare. "Um..Don..she was just...telling me thanks, dude!" Mikey said nervously, as he straighten up. He smiled, and squeezed April's hand once more, and walked quickly out of Donnie's reach.
   Donnie checked April's injuries. "You should heal up pretty well. You have lots of scrapes and cuts. Three broken ribs, and your neck. Literally saved by, Mikey. You won't be able to talk for a week or two because the chain bruised your voice box." He told her using his factual doctor's voice. "So, what the shell is the big idea changing my programs on the Turtletech?" He asked knowing she couldn't answer. He ran his fingers through her hair. "I know you were doing it all for them to believe you had some vendetta against them for killing me." He pressed his lips to hers. She reached up putting her hand behind his head. He put his forehead on hers. "I love you, Donatello." She managed to whisper. A smile crossed her face, as tears filled her eyes. He watched them roll down her cheeks. His big thumb caught them, like precious diamonds. He gave her one more kiss. She did her best to hug him. "Get some rest." He told her. "I'll have Mikey make you something to eat." He stated looking at his brother. Mikey jumped up and left towards the kitchen. Beaming with a big smile. Passing Leo, Raph, and Splinter on his way. "April is awake!" He sang as he skipped down the hall.


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HappyHyenaGirl Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday! Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Party :squee: 
Brownie3113 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Professional General Artist
HappyHyenaGirl Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome! :D
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